The products


On reaching Finpesca® ,very fresh fish is immediately packed, weighed, labelled and priced according to customers' instructions and delivered within 12 hours, thus guaranteeing a high- quality service and fresh products. Safety and hygiene standards and self-regulation procedures guarantee constant monitoring of the catch. These controls are made even safer thanks to the advice of health and hygiene specialists such as the CNR (National Research Council) and the Istituto ICIS (Research Institute), with which Finpesca® is constantly in contact.


Finpesca® offers a wide range of thawed products, whose processing is controlled throughout all phases so that nutritional qualities, hygiene, flavour and all organoleptic properties are preserved. To thaw fish in the best possible way, frozen fish is immersed in tanks with running water and sea salt. These processes are monitored by lab tests, with constant controls to check the raw materials and end products.