Quality checks and certifications


Using cutting-edge analysis technology, Finpesca® guarantees products that always maintain intact the characteristics of freshness and genuineness. In order to protect B2B customers and, ultimately, also end consumers, Finpesca® has obtained - since 2001 - various Quality Certifications including ISO 9001, IFS FOOD Version 6 Higher Level, BioAgriCert Organic Certification for selling organic products, an acknowledgement of its high-level organisation and production. The origin of Finpesca® products and the legacy that the company pursues day after day are strategic factors that determine its expansion and total reliability.


In 2011 and 2012, the company invested approximately €1,500,000 to install a 450 kWp PV system on the roof of its factory, thus providing about 30% of the company's energy needs. In 2018, the company made further investments of €1,100,000 in energy efficiency to replace its cooling chillers and improve internal insulation. These measures will provide energy savings and a further reduction in CO2 emissions into the environment. Finpesca®, together with the University of Padua (Department of Comparative Biomedicine and Food Science), with the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie (National reference centre for mollusc pathologies) and with other companies in the Fishing District of Rovigo and Chioggia, is taking part in a 3-year industrial research project on innovation in the shellfish supply chain as part of the RIBES Regional Innovative Network of the Veneto region.

HOW TO RELATE TO CONSUMERS: sanocomeunpesce.net

In 2012, focusing on relations with end consumers and on food education, Finpesca® set up the blog www.sanocomeunpesce.net to create a place where consumers can interact and chat to the fishing industry in an entirely free and natural way. We chose the blog as an informative space so we can analyse various categories: health, nutrition, fishing industry regulations, the fishing world... and even recipes and interesting facts.