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Merits​​, men, area

Thanks to the Po river delta, the Basso Polesine area, which is rich of water, has an important vocation for the fishing world. In this favourable ambient people have been defending and investing since the beginning in this territory and its peculiarities, by transforming (by the time) an subsistence economy in a real important international district.

The Finpesca’s founder partners come from a different fishing world composed by people who were working separately in different positions of the fish sector: before 1995, Finpesca S.r.l foundation year, the future partners (Daniele Siviero, Archimede Finotti, Evaristo Pregnolato and Amleto Frizziero) had worked in the fishing sector since they were 14, as pitchman or in small factories or on one’s own activity.

Passion for fishing were in their blood because it was handed down in their families from one generation to another.

1995: Finpesca Srl was born

As a result of the difficulties that small enterprises had at the beginning of their relationship with the large scale retail trade, the four founders decided to join their activities: the aim to serve the large scale retail trade with fresh fish and quality was ambitious but possible.


The taste of the sea

Finpesca’s aim is to work in the ichthyic market according to the quality and responsibility principles. Since the beginning in 1995, we have been basing our work on these points:
  • Product’s quality and traceability;
  • Large products selection;
  • Deliveries punctuality and efficiency;
  • Customer’s listening ability.
The main aim is to bring on your tables the sea tastes, with a particular attention to the product origin and the customer’s health: these qualities represent the strategic factors for the company’s development.


Traceability and protocols

The several partners which Finpesca can count on trust the company because they know its method for the product’s controls. The “self-control system” analyzes both the fish goodness and its healthiness, thanks to periodic microbiological analyses made by experts.

Finpesca has a cooperation contract with the famous Institute CNR too (National Research Council), with the purpose to study and control the presence of radionuclide in the fish, that comes from the main fishing areas of the planet. This Finpesca’s decision permits to control the seas state and the environmental pollution level, so that it can sell only safe and controlled products.

Obviously, by respecting the norms of the alimentary security, Finpesca guarantees all the products’ traceability thanks to a computerized system that can read every product’s lot. Every lot that arrives must pass the quality controls and then it receives an identification barcode that is read by portable terminals when the lot goes out.

The products’ traceability is guaranteed both for the fish and all the side dishes and condiments which can be used in the different product’s composition. Thanks to the advanced analyse systems, Finpesca assures a result that always maintains its characteristics of freshness and genuineness. For the customer’s protection Finpesca obtained several certifications of quality like ISO 9001 and the famous IFS FOOD Version 6, Higher level, as a reward of the high level of organisation and production. The origin of Finpesca’s products and what the company pursues every day represent the key factors for its development and reliability.


Product’s quality and the reliability of the offered product are at the base of every Finpesca’s activity. Thanks to this logic finpesca is present directly in the most important national and international supply centres, and it selects the best and freshest product, by inserting it in the certificated production chain.

All the fish manufacturing has firm controls, so to guarantee the total continuity of the cold chain, an essential condition that assures the product’s quality and healthiness. Besides, about 100 vehicles equipped for the fresh/defrosted product’s transportation assure a detailed distribution all over the area. We have a preferential relationship with 2 companies: P.F.R. Trasporti and Bierretti S.r.l., specialized transportation with controlled temperature, the so-called “cold logistic”.